Where's the release? Where can I send demos?

This month things got off to a good start regarding netBloc Vol. 18, though there were three tracks which proved to be a bit difficult to pull together in a timely manner. So that fact along with the fact that I've been trying to fit in some serious blocSonic v2.0 coding time led me to take a month hiatus from netBloc releasing. So netBloc Vol. 18 will be available on October 3rd.

With every netBloc release, I inevitably have to point artists/labels to yousendit.com to send large files. I also get requests by folks as to where they can send demos. Well, we at blocSonic have decided to utilize soundCloud.com for music file transfers. They provide a handy "dropbox" for anyone to send music files of any size or format directly to us. Got music? Demos? Need a netlabel to design and release an album? Have a suggestion for a future netBloc release? Upload it to our dropbox!