Ever wondered how much music we listen to while compiling one netBloc compilation? The process is something like the following:

  1. Listen to a large quantity of relatively recently released Creative Commons licensed releases until we’ve found at least 20 that contain at least one song we dig.
  2. Compile all favorite tracks into a giant playlist and commence to relisten with the goal of selecting only one song from each artist.
  3. The next step in the process is focused on finding songs that are not only incredible, but that also sound great along-side the others.
  4. Once 10-12 songs are found and sequenced in an order that makes them all compliment each other, then it’s on to compiling liner-notes and wrapping up the netBloc for release.

Making a great compilation can be an artform unto itself and we’re proud of the work we’ve done here at blocSonic with our netBloc compilation series. We hope you’ve enjoyed them and continue doing so!

Keep an eye on this live document to see how your next favorite netBloc develops.