News for 2010

Congratulations Carlton & Marco!

You may recall back in June of 2009, netBloc Vol. 22: Life On Ceres featured two versions of the track “Life On Ceres” by WM Recording’s own Marco Kalnenek. Then later we featured “Never Be Another Day” by Pearl Taylor’s Grandbaby, a project by Carlton Mackay, on netBloc Vol. 25: From Darkness Comet…… Read “Congratulations Carlton & Marco!”

IE6 peeps… it's time to upgrade

Hello all you wonderful blocSonic listeners. Thanks for continuing to make us part of your regular online travels. After taking some time to analyze our logs, we've noticed a significant decline in IE6 usage. The internet thanks those of you who've moved on to modern browsers. In 2008, 38% of you w…… Read “IE6 peeps… it's time to upgrade”

Producers... 'beat' music magazine remix contest

The German music magazine beat is hosting a remix contest of ZOE.LEELA’s track “Destroy She Says” from the rec72 release “Queendom Come”. Visit rec72 for more details.… Read “Producers... 'beat' music magazine remix contest”

PublicSpaces Lab “The Future Lab” Call for Entries

On April 7, 2010 PublicSpaces Lab will be 3 years old. It will also be when we are doing our 20th release, one that we want it to be a celebration of this netlabel, of our artists but also a celebration of the future: The future of this netlabel, the future of netaudio, the future of music. They'r…… Read “PublicSpaces Lab “The Future Lab” Call for Entries”

Read the interview with yours truly about blocSonic

The fine folks at Kilted Chaos came to me to learn a bit more about netlabels, blocSonic, what we are and what we've got planned. Do give the interview a read, if you've got a moment. … Read “Read the interview with yours truly about blocSonic”

The evolution of blocSonic continues with “Songs About Something XE”

We set things off in 2007 with our premiere release, “netBloc Vol. 1: The Opening Salvo”. Even at that early stage, I knew that I wanted blocSonic to be a bit more than your standard “netlabel”. I didn’t want blocSonic to be completely self-serving… it was to be a promotional vehicle for netlabels…… Read “The evolution of blocSonic continues with “Songs About Something XE””