5 For Insight with Bufi

Here's another '5 for insight' installment. This one with netBloc Vol. 16 artist Bufi. Be sure to check out his excellent track 'We Begin'.

01 - Why free music? Because it’s a good way to let people get to know your music when you’re just starting out. Also, because music should be free.

02 - Which decade of pop music influenced you most? Why? The seventies, because of psychedelia and weird progressive rock (most of my melodic lines are a little bit similar to some 70s bands).

03 - Some say that the music industry is dead. What do you think? Why? Yeah, I think it is dead, because of the internet and it’s not bad. It’s just the way things are and history goes on.

04 - What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? Nuuro - Amigos EP

05 - Mini-disc, SACD or HD-DVD? Hmm... mini-disc, because it’s the only one that I know and I own one (I also have some love for it).