5 For Insight with Coehn & Foehrb

01 Why free music? Coehn: It is easier to reach more listeners, when releasing free music via THE internet, As a musician, it’s useless to fight against the development of the internet and it’s impact on the music business. Anyone who enjoys our music has got the opportunity to buy our latest release. We are the ones who make the music, you are the ones able to decide how worthy it is to you.

Foehrb: Yeah, while growing as music artists, we unwittingly began to consider the internet as a common and useful platform to release our music.

In our early days tapes increasingly became old fashioned. Burning CDs was somehow uninteresting and we couldn’t even think about the other possible reproduction techniques. So, why not release on the web? It didn’t need a major investment, it was easy and wow… it was distributed worldwide. I think that wasn’t bad for little brats like us making rap music.

Anyway, in the beginning our music wasn’t that good. Knowing that, we couldn’t think about making money.

Nowadays, it’s actually still the same. We DON’T think our music isn’t good, no no - but we see that there are thousands of musicians who are dreaming of a life as a full-time musician. We don’t want to struggle to get a part of all the money spent for music. We release our music for free and we like it. We think and have experienced that people give us something back in different way, if they appreciate it. Such as Coehn said, our latest release “die Tugend von Heute” can either be downloaded or it can be ordered as a pressed CD. Though it’s something more than just a CD. There are only 300 of them. They are designed and packed extraordinarily in a handmade case. It’s for lovers, supporters and the ones who want to hold something in their hand.

We release free music because it is free music in different ways…

02 Foehrb… name a couple of your influences as a DJ. I have to divide this question into two categories and one exception…(smiles)

In terms of Scratch and Hip Hop DJ’s: DJ Rabauke (Einszwo), DJ Greem (Hocus Pocus), X-Ecutioners, maybe… Club DJ’s: Krafty Kuts, A-Skillz, Benga, BunZero. Regarding our music (Coehn & Foehrb) I feel a bit uncomfortable being called a DJ. I prefer considering myself a producer, among other things, working with turntables. Influences on that category can be seen below.

03 Coehn… name a couple of your influences as an MC. Hip-Hop itself and my environment shaped my style. Rap has always been down with me.

04 What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? Coehn: Efanque’s “KILLERMILLER” EP, definitively. This is a mad releae. It’s a must. Foehrb: …the same that I was thinking.

05 What are your top 10 favorite music artists?


Pitvalid Q-Tip Erick Sermon Hocus Pocus Madlib Dead Prez Samy Deluxe Dendemann The Roots Common

I don’t have 10 top favourite music artists. These are only 10 out of hundreds of musicians I celebrate.

Foehrb: Today I’d say…

Q-Tip Modern Jazz Quartet Louis Armstrong Fat Freddys Drop Headhunter (Uk, Dubstep) Benga DJ Deekline Mj Cole Sway hmmm… tomorrow it would be different, I guess.