A Fresh 5 For Insight From Just Plain Ant

Ok, you slept on the netBloc Vol. 18 42 page liner-note booklet… whatever… I forgive you. The following mini-interview with Just Plain Ant is new to you because of your oversight.

01 - Why free music? Because I love what I do and don’t feel the need to get paid for it.

02 - How’s the new album coming? What can fans expect? The new album’s coming along very well. People can expect a real experience. The music will be a lot more calming, but the subject matter will be nothing but a reflection of the emotions that people go through from day to day. Musically, it’s way different than “Fly”, but I still think that people will like it as much if not more. (Editor note: The album is being released here at blocSonic in February 2009)

03 - What other projects are you working on? I’m working on albums by Elijah and Precise from EENJ, and a project with Brad Oblivion.

04 - What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? Sweet Mother Logic’s “Ascension Island EP”. I think that anyone that hasn’t should check it out. Great instrumental EP.

05 - Jam Master Jay, Cut Chemist, DJ Spinbad, Mixmaster Ice, the guy in the Tone-Loc video or Grandmaster Flash? LOL. Can’t really say much about the dude in the Tone-Loc video, because the dancers are blockin’ him. For all I know, he could’a been just standing there acting like he’s spinning. In all reality, I’ll say Grandmaster Flash, he was one of the pioneers of DJ-ing in hip-hop, and the DJ is an integral part of hip-hop.