A testament to the importance of Creative Commons licensing

It all started back in March when Marco Kalnenek first posted about a track he’d been working on called “Life On Ceres”. I fell in love with it instantly and requested to include it on a then upcoming netBloc release. That developed into making it the title track of said netBloc release and also including an alternate version which became the track’s reprise. That release developed into a wonderfully eclectic collection of instrumental netaudio gems.

Cut to November 2009 when Atlanta artist, photographer and film producer Carlton Mackey released the first single and video from his upcoming release “Things My Grandma Taught Me”. The beautiful single, “Never Be Another Day” is an ode to the people we love and the earth around us. Because Marco Kalnenek’s original track “Life On Ceres” was licensed under a Creative Commons share-alike license, it afforded Carlton the right to use it in derivative works. This is exactly what Carlton did for his touching song. He used Marco’s wonderful track as the musical backing for his own lyrics and vocals… creating a completely new work with it’s own depth and meaning. All this would have been impossible to do freely under regular copyright. A testament to the power of Creative Commons licensing indeed!

Be sure to check the video and download the song.

UPDATE: The track has been added to our latest netBloc release… “netBloc Vol. 25: From Darkness Cometh The Light”