Amanyth and his 5 For Insight

Amanyth's fantastic take on the original track by Trifonic was featured on netBloc Vol. 17. Here he lets you in on 5 of his not so well kept secrets.

01 Why free music? Very good question. A question that I never settled as such. It is rather a combination of circumstances bound(connected) to the fact of having found by chance 2 acapellas that stuck perfectly on two pieces of music which I had composed (it’s a question of “a town called kill” and “a special thing “). Then, everything was linked, the site, ccMixter, supplies a great deal of quality material.

02 In the month of April you completed 5 excellent tracks and uploaded them to ccMixter. You’ve been quiet since then. When can we expect some new music from you? It is true that with me, it’s rather everything or nothing! I am capable of making 5 songs in 1 month, and then of entering hibernation during 6 months! lol. In fact, my work at the hospital sometimes takes me a lot of time and energy, and the holidays arrived, so... However, i can say to you that I met a singer/guitarist with whom I began to work, I am rather satisfied by the result for the moment. Furthermore, I purchased a stronger PC, which is going to allow me to feel at ease more with certain virtual instruments (especially for my virtual piano, which is very greedy). I thus think that before the end of the year, the other fragments will follow.

03 5 recent favorites (music, books, movies, tv... etc.)? Music: “in the cage” live at Genesis concert, so great! Books: “le combat ordinaire”, a french comic strip. The common story of a guy who looks for himself in the life, the reflections on the tolérence, annoy them daily, etc. It is simply brilliant. TV: “Dr House” powa!! Gnark, gnark!! Movies: “Once”. A blow of heart. Someone: My daughter, I love her so much!

04 What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? “la valise aux mille voyages” a children album by Echo lali, for my daughter, she love's it.

05 Bicycles or row-boats? I prefer sausages, but I sometimes dream about a world where cows could fly in the sky, and release us missiles on our windscreens of car, what is rather lol