Announcement: Awesome Dre, blocGLOBAL and Traffic Entertainment Group, oh my!!

Since 2007, blocSonic has been dedicated to digitally delivering incredible independent music with special attention paid to quality in both music and presentation. We believe in the album format… we believe in EPs, maxi-singles, deluxe formats and box sets. We believe that real music lovers expect to be able to look at art and dig into liner-notes while they listen. We’ve always provided that experience in as much as digital allows and will continue to do so. However, we also want to provide a physical experience for our music releases. An experience that fans will come to know, love and be eager to purchase.

That’s why in 2019 and beyond, blocSonic and California based label Mind’s Ear Records will be joining forces as blocGLOBAL while also working with Traffic Entertainment Group to bring you incredible physical releases. Releases with an attention to detail that Traffic has proven itself quite capable of delivering over and over. Their work with labels such as Now-Again and Get On Down, both known for their deluxe physical packages from artists ranging from David Axelrod to Wu-Tang Clan, serves to emphasize that unwavering focus on quality. With Traffic’s experience and global distribution we’ll be able to get music that you love to stores that you love!

Traffic Entertainment Group and blocGLOBAL are excited to kick things off in early 2019 with Detroit hip-hop pioneer Awesome Dre and the first digital remaster of his 1989 debut album You Can’t Hold Me Back! The long overdue re-release will be available with bonus content, extended liner-notes and in multiple formats, including limited edition colored vinyl!

Welcome to blocGLOBAL.