Cezary Ostrowski's 5 For Insight

Cezary's excellent "The Airport Dots" was recently featured on netBloc Vol. 17. Here are 5 bits of info for those of you who may not have checked out the release's PDF.

01 Why free music? Cuz art is the vital part of human civilization. As such it should be FREE.

02 You have an interesting background. Among your many achievements, the co-founding of DiSfish stands out for those of us who follow the netaudio scene. DiSfish was a promising concept. Why do you think that it ultimately didn’t work? Will we see “DiSfish” in another form in the future? It did not work only because the society of “givers” is still much smaller than the one of “takers”. Payments for DiSfish music were purely voluntary, so many users preferred not to pay :( Anyway, it was a great experience. One never knows what the future brings :)

03 Who can you name as having influenced your sound? Recommended Records in general (as a background). More recently - intelligent techno.

04 What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? I would rather mention net radio that I listen to — Soma FM and Deep Mix Moscow Radio.

05 Hardware or software? Intel Core 2 Quad CPU + SoundBlaster, Fruity Loops