Headsnack is Too Small To Cancel!

Back in August of last year when Headsnack dropped the first single “Hip-Hop Poppycock”, we mentioned that there was an album coming. Well, here we are, 8 months later and we’ve got it for you and let me tell you that it’s certainly worth the wait! In my humble opinion, his best work to date… and who knows… a track or two might ruffle feathers. Well… it’s all good… he’s “Too Small To Cancel”! The album, his first since 2018’s “Secret Handshake”, also features a number of incredible collaborators… Chuck D & DJ Lord of Public Enemy, Regenerated Headpiece, C-Doc, Shred Lexicon, The Real Munch, Illus, Cheese (of Cheese N Pot-C) & Primo Sol!

Ten tracks deep, slammin’ beats & lyrical wordsmithing to keep you listening and re-listening over and over… the new album is not to be missed. Seriously, though… download and enjoy. Oh… and be sure to also show support by catching it on streaming outlets!

Dope new album Headsnack! Thanks to you and all collaborators!

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Download your free copy of Too Small To Cancel.

Mike Gregoire
Founder/Curator blocSonic.com