IE6 peeps… it's time to upgrade

Hello all you wonderful blocSonic listeners. Thanks for continuing to make us part of your regular online travels.

After taking some time to analyze our logs, we've noticed a significant decline in IE6 usage. The internet thanks those of you who've moved on to modern browsers. In 2008, 38% of you were still using that ancient browser. In 2009, 24%. So far this year, it looks as though that number is 11%. This is just a reminder to you 11% who are clinging on to IE6 as if it's a badge of honor. It's simply not. You really should upgrade… there's so much of the web that you're missing out on. Many sites have actually stopped debugging their designs for IE6. We have chosen to leave out a few design features for IE6, so you definitely aren't seeing blocSonic how people with modern browsers do.

Please, do yourselves a favor, upgrade to a modern browser. Here are a few helpful links to give you a choice:

* Firefox * Google Chrome * Safari for Windows * Opera * Internet Explorer 8

So what are we saying? Well, it's quite clear isn't it? ANYTHING is better than IE6. Upgrade now. The internet thanks you.

Oh, and all you designers, bloggers and website owners… I suggest you blog the same thing. It's time we put the pressure one.

UPDATE: It seems that YouTube have announced that they'll soon be ending support of IE6.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to the twitterverse for this one. This is your face on IE6.