Introducing Formula’s “The Overcast Project”

Cover of Formula - The Overcast Project

Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce to you the latest member of the blocSonic family, Formula. A producer extraordinaire hailing from London. This here is his premiere solo release and our second original. If you’ve been following our netBloc series for a while, you’ve most-likely heard “Is It Too Late For Us All?” from the collaborative project that he was part of (along with Boston’s own Tha Silent Partner), a href="">MUTE. It was featured on “netBloc Vol. 15: this album won’t eat your gas money”. Welcome him back with what I’m quite confident you’ll think is one fantastic release. Hip-Hop on another plain… from another perspective… but real boom bap hip-hop none-the-less. From the introduction “Ebony Shards”… to “X Man”, there’s not a boring or weak moment to be found.

To me “The Overcast Project” feels like the perfect follow-up to Just Plain Ant’s “Dig Deep”. Formula seems to share a similar desire to expand the definition of “hip-hop”. With Formula at it’s core and a talented group of musicians and emcees, Overcast gels into a superbly cohesive unit (much like Ant’s release before it). There IS a “Formula sound” and each of the guest musicians and emcees lend their distinctive touches in such a way as to make the unit stronger.

Sit back and get ready for the journey… the sky may be overcast, but no rain is in the forecast… so enjoy the journey!

Thanks to Formula for allowing blocSonic to handle the release of this gem!

As always, thanks to you for visiting blocSonic and listening to our releases… remember… share this with friends, enemies, parents, siblings, politicians, zombies and aliens… oh… and the rain gods…

Grab it here!

Mike Gregoire