Introducing “netBloc Volume 25: From Darkness Cometh The Light”!

Cover of netBloc Volume 25: From Darkness Cometh The Light

According to Chinese philosophy two opposing forces, the yin and the yang, co-exist interdependently to make up universal existence. You cannot have one without the other. So it seems in many aspects of life that you cannot have the good without the bad and vice-versa. Life, death, love, hate, peace, war all intermingled in equilibrium. Would we be able to recognize peace without war? War without peace?

Would we recognize the gloriousness of a thriving, new alternative community of music based on sharing without the greedy, old music industry based solely on maximizing profits and pumping out product? Perhaps not. So let’s all heartily thank the old guard! Without their fastidious attempts to maintain their old ways, we probably wouldn’t have this incredibly varied new world of netaudio to explore and embrace! Thanks RIAA!

Thematically, this collection is comprised of both the yin and the yang… life, death, love, loss, happiness, sadness and all that human thought is compelled to express. Whether from Atlanta, California, Detroit, Hawaii, London, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Richmond, Stockholm or Utrecht… the featured artists aren’t sharing their art for mere profit. Every one of these tracks were born from the desire to express… whether it be lyrically or musically. Their creators then chose to share them with the world so that they may be spread far and wide. So please… share this netBloc release with everyone you can… burn discs for your friends… email them a link to the blocSonic page… whatever method you choose, it’s about spreading the music and letting it be heard by as many people as possible. Once you’ve done that and you want to do more… support your favorite artists… purchase hard copies of their albums… purchase T-Shirts… donate funds… whatever. We’re approaching the holidays, I’m sure these artists could use some extra cash in their pockets.

Thanks again to you, the listener, for your continued patronage! traffic grows with each release and it’s because of your kind words and recommendations on websites, forums and blogs all over the net. Thanks as always to all netBloc participants… for your music and for your participation!

I hope you enjoy this fine collection! Grab it here!

Mike Gregoire