Introducing the blocSonic xtra series

Hello everyone, let me introduce to you the blocSonic xtra series. These special collections feature CC licensed tracks that for one reason or another I couldn't acquire official permission to use but I find worthy of attention as they are some of the best net audio available. Since no formal permission has been acquired, I provide links to the original files rather than compiling them into a proper release. However, I do provide a cover and a tracklisting in order for you to burn them to disc, if you'd like.

For blocSonic xtra 1, I'm shining the spotlight on an artist which I had originally intended on including on netBloc Volume 1, Chenard Walcker. In only four years, Chenard Walcker has released nearly 50 plunderphonic, cut-up/collage styled albums under a variety of pseudonyms. A prolific artist who has gained himself quite a reputation for releasing wonderfully reimagined music. Music that proves that sampling is an art-form unto itself (as if De La Soul's "3 Feet High and Rising", Public Enemy's "It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back" and Beastie Boy's "Paul's Boutique" didn't already do so!). Chenard's music serves to emphasize the point.

Back in October 2006, when I began planning for blocSonic and netBloc Volume 1, I intended on including 'Nobody Cares' from Chenard's release 'The Pusher'. Though I soon found out that due to his having slipped into a diabetic coma in September, it was not to be. Perhaps some time in the future, he'll be well enough and one of his tracks can be included on a formal netBloc release. Until then, let this collection be a guide into the extensive work of Chenard Walcker.

I'll not bore you with my commentary since these tracks are all equally compelling, I'll heed the word of Aerosmith and let the music do the talking... enjoy "Chenard's Massive Menagerie of Earth's Grandest Marvels!".

Chenard's Massive Menagerie of Earth's Grandest Marvels! cover

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Disc 1 (stream)

01 - The Walcker Crew - Les
02 - Chenard Walcker - Unfoolish
03 - Chenard Walcker - Shake It
04 - Chenard Walcker - Hommes Grenouilles
05 - Chenard Walcker - Home Tornado (Extended Version)
06 - Chenard Walcker - Love Is a Five Letter Word
07 - Chenard Walcker - Gaspatxo
08 - Chenard Walcker - Assi Avec Vous
09 - Chenard Walcker - My Love
10 - The Walcker Crew - Vox Clamantis

Disc 2 (stream)

01 - Chenard Walcker - Verification Du Bon Cablage De Votre Chaine
02 - Chenard Walcker - Nobody Cares
03 - Chenard Walcker - Audio Two
04 - Chenard Walcker - Remember the Time
05 - Chenard and the Sand - One Armed
06 - Oscar and the Jets - Wild Things Baby
07 - Chenard Walcker - Blind Dub
08 - Chenard and the Sand - Hole Rock
09 - Chenard Walcker - Splinters Cathedral
10 - Chenard Walcker - Io (Free Sex Party)

Disc 3 (stream)

01 - Chenard Walcker - Our Father With Yellow Eyes
02 - The Walcker Crew - Are You Ready Steve?
03 - The Socks - Effi Me
04 - The Sand - Time for a Change 2
05 - Chenard Walcker - Le Crayon De Dieu N'a Pas De Gomme
06 - Chenard Walcker - Scratch Jump
07 - Chenard Walcker - Zelebrate
08 - Chenard Walcker - Jamais
09 - Chenard Walcker - Lost in Time
10 - Chenard Walcker - U.F.O.

Disc 4 (stream)

01 - Chenard Walcker - Le Petit Chevalier
02 - Chicky and Chenard - I Vanunu (Radio Edit)
03 - Chenard Walcker - It Takes Love
04 - Chenard Walcker - Get Away
05 - Chenard Walcker - Something Scared Mr. Toad
06 - Chenard Walcker - Ma Wa Nu Dogbé Mè
07 - Chenard Walcker - Bewlay Star
08 - Chenard Walcker - The Carpet
09 - Chenard Walcker - Back
10 - Chenard Walcker - Where the Wild Things Are

Disc 5 (stream)

01 - Chenard Walcker - Your Very Soul
02 - The Sand - Too Weak To Fight
03 - Chenard Walcker - Nasty Feet Recorder
04 - Chenard Walcker - Leslie (You're Makin' Me)
05 - Nelson - Pauvre Con
06 - Chenard Walcker - Devaluation
07 - Chenard Walcker - We Are the Monster
08 - Chenard Walcker - Wondering If the Sky Is a Stinky Kitten
09 - Chenard Walcker - Io
10 - Chenard Walcker - Obeyed!

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If you dig Chenard's music, be sure to regularly check WM Recordings, as they are planning to release a Chenard Walcker tribute album in the near future. To listen to more from Chenard's catalog, check out the Free Sample Zone.

All of Chenard's tracks are released under a Creative Commons license

Just a reminder. If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out our latest netBloc release below - netBloc Vol. 4: Soundtrack for the Coming Revolution.

Mike Gregoire