It's coming...

Hi everyone, I just want to give you a quick blocSonic update. A major update is imminent. I've had much on my plate these past few weeks and that has included a major visual overhaul of blocSonic. This overhaul includes functional changes as well. I'm not divulging any details, but the site re-launch will be in the next few days. As is usually the case with site re-designs and functional updates, the closer you get to completion, the more details you find that should be addressed. This redesign and upgrade has proven to be a perfect testing-ground for Ruby on Rails (RoR), which is what I've used to build blocSonic. RoR handles incremental updates like a charm. I'm pleased that I decided to use it instead of PHP.

While waiting for the site update, be sure to check out netBloc volume 4 (if you haven't already done so) and the premier blocSonic xtra which features the extensive work of Chenard Walcker.

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