Just Plain Ant hits us with 5 for insight

A shining example of the quality hip-hop that's available for free in the world of netaudio. Just Plain Ant was featured on netBloc Vol. 17 with his track "Revolution", featuring the fierce lyrical skills of Precise. Here Just Plain Ant breaks down the hows, whys and whats. Check it…

01 Why free music? Right now, I’m simply an up and coming artist, and I love what I do to the point where money isn’t even important to me as a musician. I simply want people to hear the music I make and appreciate it as an art form (plus people love free stuff. lol.)

02 Your production style seems to take the best from back in the day and updates it with a bit of flavor from today. What inspires you to try and bridge the two? Is it intentional? It’s definitely intentional, because I feel that the back in the day hip-hop is an incredible way to make people nod their heads. I like to add today’s flavor to the mix, because I feel that you have to change at least a bit with the times. If I were to just completely emulate the old sounds, it would just sound like I’m stuck on one era and I refuse to add something new to it.

03 During the late 80s and early 90s it seemed that the “Producer” became the “star”. The producer also seemed to be the one with the deeper understanding and knowledge of music. The one who knew all the great or unknown records. This knowledge came from listening to a wide range of genres. As a producer, do you try and live up to that? If so, name a few of your sonic influences from outside the realm of hip-hop. I definitely do try to live up to that. I find influence in music from Radiohead, Zero 7, John Coltrane, The Beatles, and so many more that would take pages to list.

04 What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? Girl Talk - Feed The Animals. He’s such a dope DJ and I’m dyin’ to see him live.

05 Linn, 808, SR-16 or live? Live. I really want to incorporate live drums into my music, because you can feel the intensity that the drummer’s putting into what he plays.