La Plus Belle Guerre, 10 more netlabel/net audio gems plus one

As promised, fresh from the Amadeus Pro development file, I announce netBloc Volume 3 (La Plus Belle Guerre). What we're currently witnessing IS the most beautiful war. A war for the ears of music lovers worldwide. A war between the RIAA/Major music industry and it's former and soon-to-be former customers. The revolution has been digitized. Take an active part in the revolution by spreading the word about netlabels and net audio. If you're new to this culture, check out some of the best that it has to offer by checking out our netBloc compilation series. If you're returning specifically for Volume 3, I welcome you back.

Here it is... 10 gems plus one... an exceptional collection of Rock, Pop, Electronica, Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Metal and Jazz jams.

Mike Gregoire