Let's get social... come rub elbows with blocSonic!

blocSonic has recently made itself available on many social networks in an effort to make some of our background workings more transparent. When is a netBloc being worked on? What state is a future netBloc in? What are we downloading or listening to? All that and more can be followed at any of the following locations: Identi.ca, Jaiku, Plurk, Pownce, Tumblr and Twitter.

In addition to the previously mentioned micro-blogging sites, you can also find blocSonic on myspace and lastfm. You'll also find a lastfm blocSonic group and blocSonic's own Mike Gregoire at lastfm. If there's a social network you'd like to see us update at, please let us know! Oh...and we are going to work hard at bringing back net audio news on a regular basis right here on blocSonic. Come get social with us!