Long overdue status update

This is just a quick update to keep you folks in the loop as to what's going on here at blocSonic. The site is currently being ported to PHP and that has been taking up a good portion of my time. The public areas of the site are now completely ported. That leaves the administrative areas to complete. If it were a simple feature for feature port of the administrative sections, it would most-likely be done now. Though, the administrative sections need a new workflow, so they're not only getting ported, they're also getting a major upgrade. Once complete, the PHP version of blocSonic will go live and then it'll be ready for site features to be created and added. So 2008 will be a year of new blocSonic goodies.

In netBloc news, there's a new netBloc release in the works. It's gone a bit slow because I was trying to get in touch with Trent Reznor and get permission to include a track from Ghosts I. That hasn't panned out. You can expect a release by early May. As a personal project I did take part in the Nine Inch Nails Film Festival project which is featured at youtube. I completed a video that uses three of their tracks from Ghosts I-IV. Please take a moment to view it and rate it at youtube. I forewarn you, the youtube quality is horrendous. For a better viewing experience, download the 480x360 151mb mp4 via archive.org (right-click, save as...). Check it out and rate it here at youtube.

Mike Gregoire