Music industry is past the tipping point, according to long-time industry insider

Whether or not DRM killed the music-product machine may be up for debate... but according to music industry veteran Bob Ezrin, the music industry is not on it's death bed, it's already dead. No surprise to me, but definitely validation of what I've been thinking.

Ezrin stated during his keynote address at the East Coast Music Association conference:

"In the next couple of weeks, maybe months, there will be a bloodbath at the major record companies. We’re not at the tipping point, we’re on the other side."

I personally think that a combination of many factors is bringing this about:

1) Over priced music
2) Low-quality music
3) Lack of artist-development
4) Holding out on the remaster and re-release of the major's extensive back catalogs
5) DRM
6) Increase in quality netlabel music

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