NanowaR deliver’s the Truest Power Metal 5 For Insight That Humanity Has Ever Known!

So… since you didn’t download netBloc Vol. 18’s 42 page liner-note booklet… this interview will be new to you. You'll never experience another more powerful truer metal mini-interview by blocSonic in November 2008… ever… again. I give you… NanowaR.

01 - Why free music? Because this allows me to download loads of stuff from eMule, BitTorrent and so on without remorse.

02 - Are the truest gods of the truest of the truest METAL working on a new album? Yes. But we will never release it.

03 - What made NanowaR choose to record their music and put all other metal groups to shame? Don’t you feel that you were being unfair, since no other metal groups can a stand a chance when NanowaR are releasing music? The fact that we believe that most of the metal bands are formed by former NAMBLA members. Ours is basically a struggle against the pedophiles.

04 - What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? Metallica’s “Death Magnetic”. Which is neither free nor netaudio, but I pretended it was.

05 - Win, triumph, power, weak or true? Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me Right Now