netBloc Vol. 28 is here! Why You Get A Record Deal?

Cover of 'netBloc Vol. 28: Why You Get A Record Deal?'

Since 2007 we’ve been giving you these fantastic collections of netaudio in hopes that it introduces you to a new world of music that’s available on the web. This time around is no different… except in one way. It’s quite literally the first time that the final line-up is the same as the first one chosen. No replacements were needed for artists and/or labels who didn’t get back to me or weren’t able to participate. Included are 12 fantastic tracks plus one bonus goodie included in the zip package. Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Trip-Hop, Electro-pop and even some experimental goodness all brought together into a tasty collection. All to show you that there is an alternative to the mainstream product being pumped out to retail. There’s something happening online and an ever growing number of artists are part of it. They’ve chosen to take the road less travelled. With so many artists doing it their own way, why is it you think that some still want that magical record deal? Be sure to check out the PDF for more.

Thanks once again for downloading and listening to another netBloc release! If you enjoy these artists… be sure to support them by purchasing from them or donating. Let them earn a living while also making the art that makes life so much more bearable.

Remember… blog it… share it. Grab it here.

Mike Gregoire