netBloc Vol. 9: Lo-Fi Adventures on Planet Rheton!

Hello again everyone. After a month off, I was eager to unleash volume 9 to the world. As the title suggests, it's focused on "lo-fi" offerings that the world of net audio has to offer. Lo-fi as a description for music is kind of vague and can include many genres. Personally, I define lo-fi as any music without slick production – music that can contain distorted samples or distortion itself applied to any number of song elements. In fact, distortion becomes an advantage in the wonderful world of lo-fi. Lo-fi can also mean nothing more than merely a home recording on cheap equipment. Here I present 10 lo-fi gems for you to chew on for the next month. Enjoy them and don't miss the accompanying 55 page PDF booklet. Be sure to leave a review at our release page when you get a chance!

Thanks again to everyone enjoying the releases and participating!