Netlabel Day 2023 arrives!

It’s that time of year where Netlabels all around the world release a flood of new music on the same day, Netlabel Day, in order to celebrate what we bring to the music world… that is high quality music which is also independent, free & shareable. For 2023, we have once again taken part and have eight fantastic new releases for you to enjoy.

Nerdicus drops the instrumentals!

Last year Cheese N Pot-C dropped their album “The Adventure Begins - Gab to Kag - On The Move” album featuring the production of Canadian multi-genre artist Nerdicus who has since come on board to release his great music here at blocSonic. Back in October of last year he kicked things off with the release of his debut album “Nerdicus Presents: Themes, Scenes and Soundscapes”. Today we’re thrilled to say that he’s decided to also release the instrumentals from Cheese N Pot-C’s album for Netlabel Day! That’s right people… beats… yummy yummy beats. Enjoy.

Hey Nerdicus… it’s dope to finally be able to drop these fresh instrumentals on the listeners! Thank you!

Download your free copy of The Adventure Begins - Gab to Kag - On The Move (Instrumentals).

Cheese N Pot-C drops blocSonic albulation number seven!

Although it’s only been a little over a year, it seems like ages since we’ve gotten to enjoy some new Cheese N Pot-C flavor. Well folks, the wait is over… today we have “Friendly Neighborhood Banners”, the dope new full-length albulation for you all to enjoy. Not only that but with this album, a whole gang of fam drop by… 34 Pro, C-Doc, Coherent, CM aka Creative, Donnie Ozone, G Swift, Headsnack, ILL WiLL the MiCK, Long John, Nerdicus, OWTRIPLEBANG, Qwest Dawg, Saltine, Timezone Lafontaine, Truck T, Yuk MC, and Yusuf & Al J from Blak Madeen! Yup… beats, rhymes, cuts… the whole shebang. That’s right… we have eleven DOPE joints for you to bump in your systems. For the full background about this album and the individual songs, be sure to check out the extensive liner-notes in the PDF.

Yo Cheese N Pot-C, thanks for a MEGADOPE gem of an albulation! I’m sure fans have been fiending for some of that good good CNP stuff… I know I have.

Download your free copy of Friendly Neighborhood Banners.

Nick Falcon returns with an album of new and live music!

It’s been nearly six years since talented singer-songwriter Nick Falcon has released music here at blocSonic. His last release up until now was his second Bralitz EP released in October of 2017. Today we’re thrilled to welcome him back with his fantastic new album “Degenerate Art”! The album is a great overview of his sound and songwriting. It features fourteen songs… three brand new and eleven live performances. Enjoy.

Hey Nick… it’s great to be able to release these new tunes and live performances. Thank you! Keep the music coming.

Download your free copy of Degenerate Art.

Pot-C drops a solo EP!

Hell yeah, in case you needed more Pot-C, we’ve got you covered! That’s right “Don’t Go Changing” is the fresh new solo EP featuring four dopadelic new joints tackling everything from the state of our planet to modern culture to fake rappers. Lots happening in the world and lots to talk about, but who wants to worry about all that junk, right? Well, no worries, Pot-C is letting you all off the hook… phewwwwwww. Grab your cell phones and take some selfies!

Hey Pot-C… it’s dope to have a new solo joint from you! It’s def been a minute. Thank you!

Download your free copy of Don’t Go Changing.

Headsnack’s fourth single drops

Today we’ve got “The Comet”, Headsnack’s fourth single from his latest album “Too Small To Cancel”. Even if you’ve heard and love the album version of the song, don’t sleep on the 3 remixes contained on this maxi-single (two of which remixed by the great Cheese of Cheese N Pot-C). Such great explorations of a terrific song.

Yo Headsnack… the remixes on this one are phenomenal! Thanks again to you and all involved, sir!

Download your free copy of The Comet.

Me As In You releases 2nd EP

I’ve long said that I only make music when I have time… well, that’s certainly not a lie. It only took me two years to finally get around to releasing a new EP when I originally intended on making a full-length album! With “Neon” what you have is essentially four new songs and a couple remixes/edits of one of them. Another couple years of exploring melody, beats, mixing and mastering is packed into this selection. Thanks a million for taking time to download and listen. I hope you enjoy it.

Download your free copy of Neon.

C-Doc hits us with a SIX ONNA 7!

Ah yeah kids… if you’re hip to what the SIX ONNA 7 fortyFive sub-series is, today C-Doc has dropped another one!

What? You’re not up on what SIX ONNA 7s are? Well a SO7 is an ingenious sub-series of the blocSonic fortyFive digital release format created by Tha Silent Partner back in 2012. Rather than delivering single “A-Side” and “B-Side” tracks, TSP busted the format out of its confines delivering 3 brief tracks for each “side”, effectively creating a whole new sub-series which he and other artists have been releasing, since.

Anyway… heads need to grab “SIX ONNA 7 (Stage 6)” while it’s hot… enjoy. Oh and check out the whole collection, while you’re at it!

Yo C-Doc… these new joints are like WHOA! Fans are def going to dig them. Thanks for the Netlabel Day flavor.

Download your free copy of SIX ONNA 7 (Stage 6).

Donnie Ozone keeps his Netlabel Day tradition alive Giving Thanks!

With today being Netlabel Day, where would we be without a fresh Donnie Ozone joint, right? That’s right… let us all Give Thanks for music makers like him! Enjoy.

Hey Donnie… this is another fantastic joint! Thanks for again making it happen for Netlabel Day!

Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver the music you’ll love. Please spread the word about blocSonic, if you enjoy what we do. Remember… everything we release is cool to share! Always keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it! If you’re in radio… support independent music and broadcast it!

Download your free copy of Give Thanks.

Oh… and when you’re done with our music and want more… be sure to check out the official Netlabel Day 2023 page for much, much more!

Me As In You aka mGee aka Mike Gregoire