New release: blocSonic welcomes The Scallions on board with the release of "Agony Through Ceremony XE"!

Cover of The Scallion's 'Agony Through Ceremony XE'

A little over ten years ago, in 2002, I began working for SLAMjamz, the label run by Public Enemy’s Chuck D. I began by designing cover art for their digital single series. Among those digital singles were seven designed for Connecticut avante-garde power pop group, The Scallions, consisting of members Mike and Shawn Franklin. That eventually lead to me designing their SLAMjamz debut album “Agony Through Ceremony” in 2006. A year later I launched blocSonic and slowly molded it into the label it is today.

Over the years, I’ve kept in touch with Shawn, though I kept my SLAMjamz and blocSonic worlds quite separate, so blocSonic wasn’t on his radar. Then last year those worlds began merging with the release of Public Enemy producer C-Doc’s incredible music. Those releases piqued Shawn’s interest. He and I then began discussing options for bringing The Scallions music to blocSonic. We eventually decided that the best way to introduce them to blocSonic listeners would be via the Xtended Edition re-release of the SLAMjamz album.

So, with Chuck D’s blessing I’m very happy to introduce to you “Agony Through Ceremony XE”. This 3 disc collection is an incredible way for you to get to know the very talented Franklins. On disc 1 you’ll find the complete original album along with extras. Disc 2 contains a unique new way to experience the album via commentary from the band along with more extras. Finally, disc 3 contains instrumental versions and still more extras!

Whether you’re a long time Scallions fan discovering blocSonic for the first time or you’re a long time blocSonic fan discovering The Scallions for the first time, this is going to be treat for your ears!

A huge thank you to Chuck D for being down with this release and providing commentary! Thanks goes out to DJ Johnny Juice and C-Doc for also providing commentary! It means alot to have you all be a part of this. Of course, THANK YOU to Mike and Shawn Franklin for being open to this idea and making blocSonic home for some of your great music.

Thank you as well to all of you who decided to visit blocSonic and download this release. I hope you enjoy it! If you do dig the music, we’d love it if you spread the word about blocSonic. Remember… everything we release is cool to share! Always keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it! If you’re in radio… support independent music and broadcast it!

Download your free copy of “Agony Through Ceremony XE”.

Mike Gregoire