New release: Don’t sleep on CM aka Creative and his Classic Material

Cover of CM aka Creative - True

Back in ‘07 I first got wind of a funky, funky little UK netlabel called Random Flow. They came out swinging with a series of fantastic hip-hop releases that proved to me that hip-hop was finally making itself known in the netaudio world. For me, one of their standout acts was this NYC born, Maryland based cat going by the name of CM aka Creative. Random Flow released two tight volumes of CM’s “Classic Material” series that earned CM a couple spots on our netBloc series. As quickly as Random Flow appeared, it went dark shortly after releasing their 12th release which was a mix celebrating their 1st birthday.

With Random Flow’s inactivity, CM approached me about releasing the 3rd volume which we finally dropped back in October 2009. With CM coming to blocSonic it got me thinking about the previous Classic Material volumes, how or if we should try and release them. This was the birth of the Xtended Edition format. An idea began to form… the release of Vols. 1 & 2 (for the first time available in pristine FLAC format) with a bonus disc of material! So here we are today with the first single promoting the forthcoming June 29th release of “The Classic Material Completion Package XE”.

This maxBloc release features “True”, one of the many gems from “Classic Material Vol. 1” along with its acapella and instrumental. It also features another fresh remix from blocSonic fam Tha Silent Partner and a previously unreleased joint that is most definitely CLASSIC material. Straight fire!

So do yourself a solid and grab a copy. Then keep an eye out for the release of “The Classic Material Completion Package XE” on June 29th.

As always, thanks for downloading and listening! Enjoy the REAL hip-hop! Word. Keep it movin’… share it… blog it… podcast it… broadcast it!

Mike Gregoire