New release: Introducing Liam Stewart's "Sixteen Words"

Cover of Liam Stewart's 'Sixteen Words'

Since first deciding to release original albums here, I intended blocSonic to release an eclectic range of music and with each new original, I think we’re reinforcing that intention. Since the beginning I’ve been amazed at the caliber of artists that have either approached us or agreed to release through us. Liam Stewart is yet another in an amazing roster of artists that are showing listeners that the world of netaudio is not something to ignore. With his incredible “Sixteen Words”, you’re presented another album that will make some wonder how on Earth is it that it wasn’t released by a traditional label. That’s the state of the music industry… labels are only releasing "marketable" products that they can shove into a pre-packaged formulaic box. If artists want to create ART and speak THEIR voice, then there’s no room for them. So artists are forced (I feel, for the better of music and artistry in general) to forge their own paths. Liam’s path has led him to blocSonic and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Liam’s sound is one that is pop of a British flavor… you may call it Britpop or leftfield pop or some other quick and neat genre label, but the reality of it is more complex than that. “Sixteen Words” contains many characteristics… pop, rock, electronic & synth-pop. At times it may remind you of Pink Floyd or Roger Waters, Tears For Fears or some current indie-artist that you may dig. Whatever it sounds like to you, what I’m quite sure you’ll find is that this is memorable music that’s going to stick with you for years to come. It isn’t plastic music made for the masses, it’s contemplative music crafted for music lovers who crave albums that aren’t trying to fit in.

I hope that with the help of this engaging album, you’ll regard Liam Stewart as an artist you’ll be eager to hear more from.

Thanks for downloading and for listening. Spread the word… share it… blog it… podcast it… oh and if you’re in radio… support Creative Commons artistry… broadcast it!

Grab “Sixteen Words” here.

Mike Gregoire