New release: Mported Flows… the album finally drops!

Cover of Mported Flows 'Three Pronged Fork'

Over the past couple years, C-Doc has brought with him an incredible group of releases that he’s been involved with. Mported Flows’ new album is no exception. Originally set for release back in 2007, for whatever reason it never officially saw the light of day. It’s a shame, too, because it deserves an audience.

It’s truly a pleasure for me to finally be the one who brings you “Three Pronged Fork”. Unlike what mainstream rap fans have come to expect, Mported Flows is an MC with plenty to say. Whether it’s about the state of Hip-Hop in “Gangstas, Guns, Liquor” and “Mic Drones”, providing advice in “Advice”, speaking about the love for his son in “Sonny Morning” or getting deeply introspective on “Last Track”, there’s no question about whether his lyrics spring from his soul or not. Add to that the solid production throughout and you’ve got a must hear album.

Hip-Hop never went away… I know that… but still… Hip-Hop IS back. Bump this.

Thanks to Mported, C-Doc and everyone else involved in the making of this album. Incredible work.

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Download your free copy of “Three Pronged Fork”.

Mike Gregoire