New Release: Pot-C drops a SIX ONNA 7 with a twist!

Back in 2012, Tha Silent Partner took our fortyFive format and shattered its then inherent limitations by single-handedly inventing a sub-format called SIX ONNA 7 that, instead of the normal two 3 minutes tracks, contained six tracks with a running time of around 6 minutes. Thanks to TSP blessing it, since then, other artists have rolled with format and found it a unique way to share music with fans.

Today we’re happy to present to you the continuation of the SIX ONNA 7 legacy with the first installment by Pot-C! As with each artist who has explored the unique format, he has given it his own unique spin. Up until now, all SO7s have contained instrumentals. Pot-C decided to do something quite interesting with the format limitations… revisit past lyrics with new beats. An inventive take on such an already inventive format! Enjoy.

Thanks to Pot-C for taking the SO7 format to lyrical territory! Dope. Great way to revisit past lyrics with dope new beats! Of course, thanks to Tha Silent Partner for inventing the format!

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Download your free copy of SIX ONNA 7 (Part 1).

Mike Gregoire