New release: The Impossebulls bum rush blocSonic!

It’s an honor for me to present to you The Impossebulls, a hip-hop group that first formed when, in 2000, Public Enemy’s Chuck D reached out to fans to collaborate on a new song about the coming demise of major record labels. “We Don’t Need You” was the name of that song and it was the start of the first virtual rapp squad.

The Impossebulls and members of the group then went on to release CDs and digital releases for Chuck D’s label SLAMjamz. Their debut retail CD “Slave Education: There Is Truth In Soul” can be purchased online at Amazon.

Incredibly, they’ve now made their way here to be part of the blocSonic fam along with members C-Doc and LOWdown! Coming April 16th is their premiere blocSonic album release, “Made by History (Decade One: 2000-2010)”, a compilation overview of this truly great hip-hop group’s oeuvre, thus far. If you’re a fan of that classic boom bap hip-hop sound, then you do not want to sleep on The Impossebulls! While waiting for the album to drop I’ve got the first single for you.

Although the line-up has changed over the years, The Impossebulls, as found on the forthcoming “Made by History (Decade One: 2000-2010)”, are Marcus J, Tirade, Chuck D, DJ President Ike, DJ Def Chad, C-Doc, Mportd Flows, Kyle Jason, 2DN, Pvt Militant, Jeff 10 as Bigg Jimm Slaade, Xeno, Dels Digglah & Wildman Steve.

Thanks to The Impossebulls for making blocSonic home to some great music!

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Download your free copy of “AmeriKan Idle B/W Shadow of Thought”.

Mike Gregoire
Founder/Curator blocSonic