Now available: C-Doc’s SIX ONNA 7 Limited Edition 7" Lathe Cut Records

This past July, The Impossebull’s own C-Doc built onto the SIX ONNA 7 fortyFive legacy that Tha Silent Partner began.

Beginning today you can purchase a copy of this tasty release in the super dope VERY LIMITED EDITION lathe cut 7" format!

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Price: $12.00 + Shipping*

* US Shipping: $3.00
Rest of the World: Please inquire at before ordering

These records were handmade, one at a time. Each record is unique: hand carved from an 8 ft sheet of poly carbonate plastic, shaped, sanded, waxed and cut in real time using a 1940s Presto 75A recording lathe by Ethan at Funky Frankenstein Records in Murfreesboro, TN.

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The sleeves were printed and assembled individually by hand by Marcus Ankeney in Xenia, OH. Although the fidelity that is usually found on vinyl is lacking, these plastic, lathe cut records provide a distinct listening experience that complements C-Doc's dusty, old school production.

Because of the method employed to produce this record it may have “horns,” a term used to describe raised plastic ridges on either side of the groove. If your record sounds inconsistent or absolutely horrible when you put it on this is because the needle is riding on the horns between the grooves. Simply tap your needle with your finger to nudge it fully into the groove. All records are tested after cutting and will playback correctly on properly weighted turntables. These records will not harm your needle or degrade after multiple plays. These records will however attract lint so be sure to clean the record and your needle often.

Thank you for your support!

Hurry and snatch your copy immediately, before they go… there are only 20 available!

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