Paper Tiger's Temy and Chris give us 5 for insight

Paper Tiger's special brand of indie-pop was featured on netBloc Vol. 17. Here are a few details about them.

01 Why free music? Temy: Because it’s a good and fast way to spread music all over the globe. A lot of people who dig our type of music are downloaders and tend to buy an album easier after they’ve heard it before on the internet.

02 What do two Dutch lads listen to that influences such a fresh sound? Temy: We listen to a lot of different styles and when we met at the age of 13 we both liked to listen to punk rock from the 80’s and 90’s like Operation Ivy and Violent Femmes.

03 Fantastic album cover! Who came up with it? Was it actually staged live and photographed? Chris: Well, since we put a lot of affort in making an original album with all these kinds of little surprises in it, that you probably wouldn’t notice the first time you’d hear it, we definitly wanted a cover that would go with that. Anneke, a friend of ours, who was a photographer dying for a cool project at that time, made the cover for us.

On the front cover you see a theatre in our hometown where Temy and me used to play guitar at times when we were 10 year old kids. At first the idea was to let us play or do something stupid on the front cover and then see all kinds of animals in the audience watching us on the back- cover. Since that was not really doable we sat down in the audience seats ourselfs looking slighly bored... Later we kinda thought is wasn’t really our thing to appear on the front cover ourselves and so we needed a different idea. That’s when I thought it might be fun to ask our friend to play out our songs on the cover so that’s what we did. In the case of ‘Sandy’, it’s the lady in red with the candy-bracelets on her wrists. Obviously it shows there was a lot of photoshopping done for this cover, but I just wanna let you know that we did drag that boat into the room.

04 What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? Temy:The album of The Wind Whistles, a great band from Vancouver. We did a small tour with them through Germany. And yes....we also bought the actual album! (blocSonic note: Crazy coincidence! The Wind Whistles are also featured on netBloc Vol. 17)

05 iTunes or vinyl? Temy: Well, since Chris has his whole living room wall covered with vinyl and Témy still uses winamp 1.0 to listen to music on his computer. We’ll have to say vinyl and that’s final. Chris: I love vinyl. I like the sound of it better and I try to get all my all time favorite album on vinyl on the side. Specially when the artwork is good it’s so nice to have a copy on vinyl. But, I would have to say I’ll pick iTunes. Most of the times when I listening to music it’s not at home, but when I’m going someplace. So I carry around my iPod and I wouldn’t wanna miss it!