Presenting netBloc Volume 4: Soundtrack for the Coming Revolution

Once again, we've got a terrific collection of 10 tracks culled from the wide world of net audio. In this one we feature one from ccMixter, a couple from Jamendo and others from various netlabels. Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Unplugged Electronica, Post-Rock, Indie Rock, Drum & Bass are all represented. So download it, give it a listen, contact us and leave feedback. If you'd like, we'd love it if you leave a review at netBloc Vol. 4's page.

Next week, I'll be posting that special feature that I promised last week. It was rather longer to prepare than originally expected, but it'll be well worth it. Also expect to see a site overhaul, in the coming week or two.

As always, thanks goes out to all who have participated. A special thanks to HairerSoft for their generosity in providing blocSonic with a copy of AmadeusPro to compile the CD with.