Queue the violins...

...and the let the sob story begin. Go read Rolling Stone's recent article The Record Industry's Decline: Record sales are tanking, and there's no hope in sight: How it all went wrong and have yourselves a laugh. The mainstream music industry still can't admit that they're wrong. Sure they admit that they "missed a few opportunities"... but they will not admit that they're undoing is not file-sharing... it's crappy music. It's also the availability of legal FREE music. Sure P2P played its part, but many people who download music "illegally" have said that they would still buy music to have the package and liner-notes... but the music just plain sucks. Simple as that.

Industry insiders are still candidly stating that the major music industry will be dead soon. The online copyleft music industry's opportunity is now. Labels, artists, services — step up your promotional game, your time is now.

In blocSonic news.... I FINALLY have all assets in place and will be working double time to get Volume 6 released by the end of the weekend.