Regenerated Headpiece reawaken!

It’s been over a decade since heads have been able to enjoy a NEW song by New York City’s Regenerated Headpiece… an independent powerhouse that always delivers a unique and DOPE hip-hop experience. Over the past few years there have been collaborations which were essentially RHP joints, however, today with “Brothers” we have the first in a very long time that is RHP… Phon-X (a.k.a. Headsnack), Shred Lexicon, and DJ Exfyl! Let me tell you that it was most definitely worth the wait with its stellar production, cuts and lyrical content. Oh… and on the flip is a fantastic remix of “Enjoy The Veal”, a joint originally found on Headsnack’s 2018 solo album “Secret Handshake”. Alright, enough from me… download and enjoy.

What… RHP have returned?!? Thank you gents for the fire return! Seriously incredible joints. Keep it coming!

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Download your free copy of Brothers B/W Enjoy The Veal (Remix).

Mike Gregoire