Remix Us!

It’s been a while since we last put out a public call for remixers and we figured that our 10th anniversary would be the best time to do so again. So we’re thrilled to announce the addition of a new page specifically for the purpose. From now on we’re going to have a rolling selection of remix kits available for artists, producers & remixers to create their own magic with. That selection of remix kits can be found on our new “Remix Us” site page.

For this initial launch we’ve got remix kits by three great artists — Lorenzo’s Music (that’s right… they’re now part of the blocSonic fam!), Cutside and Mr. Bitterness And The Guilty Pleasures — who are all preparing new releases in the coming months and would love to include remixes by you!

Are you someone who loves to remix music? We’d love to hear what you come up with! Head on over to the “Remix Us” page for more details, previews and downloads.