Say hello to Friends or Whatever… the newest member of the blocSonic family!

Cover of Friends or Whatever's 'The Burns We Earn'

Since deciding on releasing original albums, the primary objective has been about releasing high-quality music… period. blocSonic is not a label that only releases hip-hop. With this Friends or Whatever single blocSonic has taken another step towards this objective. FoW’s brand of indie-pop explores both the analog and the digital, the sound defies categorization. FoW pulls from the past and the future… it’s both melodic and noisy… it’s lo-fi and hi-fi. If you’re a fan of Guided by Voices and Lifter Puller, you’ll feel right at home with FoW.

The Burns We Earn is the perfect introduction to the debut album which is set to drop Tuesday, May 25th. It contains within it all the elements of the FoW sound — subtle melody accompanied by distortion, bass, guitars and synths. In addition to the fantastic album version, we’ve got a great set of remixes supplied by names both familiar and new to blocSonic listeners. Thanks to the great group of remixers who participated… you turned out some terrific adaptations!

Thanks to Adam Ferris for the use of his photograph. Be sure to visit his sites —,

As always… thank you for giving blocSonic a shot and taking the time to download and listen. Remember… keep the music movin’… share it… blog it… podcast it… broadcast it.

Grab “The Burns We Earn” here!

Mike Gregoire