Seiurte gives us their 5 for insight

Here's a fresh 5 for insight for you all — even for those of you who downloaded and read netBloc Vol. 17's PDF. Seiurte were tied up with touring and what-not and were only able to get responses back a couple days ago. So here you are, let the insight begin…

01 - Why free music? Music has changed a lot in the last few years, the way it´s recorded, promoted, distributed and especially consumed by the people. In this new context, trying to go forward with old ways is a lost battle. So little bands like us have to use the new tools now available to us to reach the widest audience possible. For example, recording and releasing our music ourselves gives us the chance to appear in cool places like netBloc compilations!

02 - With the struggle that the Basque people have had to deal with in order to gain it's autonomy from Spain, do you find that Politics plays a big part in your music? In the Basque Country politics are everywhere, and in the end they impregnate every aspect of our lives. Obviously, we can't avoid politics infiltrating our music when we're constantly surrounded by them in our everyday lives.

03 - Seiurte is the second group that we've featured from the Basque country (we featured Kolokon on netBloc Vol. 6). Are there any other Basque artists that you can recommend who are releasing their music online? The Basque Country is a really small place but has a really great music scene going on. There are amazing bands and songwriters like Rafa Rueda, Berri Txarrak, Lor, Kerobia Zea Mays, PI L.T, Sok or Su Ta gar, but most of them haven't started offering their music free on the internet. COBRA is another great band and you can listen to their music at their myspace page.

04 - What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? We're still the kind of people that buy CDs and wait until the record is actually released so w're kind of traditional in that way, but the last two Nine Inch Nails releases ("Ghosts" and "The Slip") are great examples of how things should be done in the future, and great albums too!!

05 - Rolling Stones or The Verve? Rolling Stones, obviously. There's more attitude and Rock and Roll in one of Keith Richards dirty dreadlocks than Richard Ashcroft could get in seven lives. And attitude is everything when it comes to music.