Sink your teeth into netBloc Vol. 24: tiuqottigeloot

Cover of netBloc Volume 24: tiuqottigeloot

After a couple back to back original blocSonic releases, I’m back to introduce you to the latest in the blocSonic netBloc series. This batch of netaudio gems is packed with ear candy. I have little doubt that you’ll find at least a couple tracks that you also call gems. Who knows, perhaps you’ll call them all gems, just as I do!

So what exactly is packed in this release? You have operatic vocals with a metal, swing backing. You have straight-up hip-hop. You have electro-pop. Singer-songwriter pop. Smoldering, funky, lounge. Dance music. Straight ahead rock. Rock with a funky edge. Music from Japan, France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, the UK and the US.

Many thanks again to all participating artists and labels, this series just couldn’t happen without your participation. Of course, thanks to you for downloading this excellent collection. Enjoy it. Share it.

Grab it here!

Mike Gregoire