Sleaze, The Honorable One

No matter what, you never see moments like this coming. Sure, as someone who runs a label and the nature of life being what it is, you wonder if/when you’ll ever have to come to grips with a talented member of your label family being taken from this world. You hope that never happens… then it does.

This morning, I saw someone post an R.I.P. Sleaze message on FB and for a second thought that it was a joke… you know… Sleazie could be a sarcastic cat… in the best sense of the word… he saw through bullshit and always seemed to be considering giving up music in favor of something that actually earned him a living. Anyway, for a split second I thought he was posting that. Then I saw that it was another blocSonic artist who had. Next, I noticed that I had a FB message from another bloc artist, asking me if I heard about it… yeah.… I just did.

Look… I know I never met him… so how could I mourn the loss of someone I never met(?), you may ask. First… he seemed like a genuinely good human being who left behind a loving family. Second… this is the internet age and you can become friends and acquaintances with people you haven’t physically met and then give a damn when something happens to them. Third… he was more talented than the current state of the music industry could handle and I’m a little bitter that he was never able to get the shine that his talent deserved. I was still hoping that the tea leaves had it written for him. Behind the scenes we at blocSonic have been working hard to put pieces into alignment that would have allowed for more for our whole artist family. It’s sad to me that he won’t see that preparation and planning come to fruition.

Anyway, it’s hard to know exactly the right thing to say or do, however, I simply had to acknowledge that Sleazie Wonder aka Sleazen Seagal aka The Honorable Sleaze aka Brian Davis will be missed. Brother… Rest In Peace.

Mike Gregoire

PS: If you want to show your support… please purchase a copy of his recent Gritty City Records release “Heavenly/ Devilish 2: Demons”. All proceeds are going to his family.