Tha Bloc Report for October 2023 has arrived!

Here we go! Donnie Ozone and Timezone Lafontaine return with Tha Bloc Report for October 2023 and as usual, it’s music packed.

Between Donnie’s spins of the latest tunes and Heat of the Month, and Timezone’s great new installment of his 20 Minute Workout blocSonic megamix, you’re going to hear music by Nick Falcon, Cheese N Pot-C, Me As In You, Krazy Shitz, Flex Vector, Nerdicus, Das Mister, Donnie Ozone, The Scallions, Vik44, Mos Emvy & Jade Mae, Christopher Alvarado & M.Nomized, BreakBeat Chemists, HYMNnEYE, MBX, Action Will Be Taken, Marco Mestichella, Simple CUT, Pete Lund, Stewart & Scarfe, D3Zs, Vpopolam, Stereoshape, DJ Spooky & Moki Mcfly!

I can never say thank you enough to Donnie & Timezone for making this podcast the hottest thing in the Netlabel world! Thank you guys.

Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver content you’ll love. Please spread the word about blocSonic, if you enjoy what we do.

Listen to & download Tha Bloc Report Episode 62: The October 2023 Episode

Mike Gregoire