The Kirbi's 5 for Insight

The Kirbi's super-duper IDM track 'Armada' was featured on netBloc Vol. 17. If you haven't downloaded the release's PDF, these 5 pieces of info may be new to you.

01 Why free music? I think that it is connected with the appearance of the internet first of all and with the desire to spread your creative style... Once I thought: “it’s interesting to know what people of the other part of the world think of my music, for instance in France?” it’s difficult to sell music at first, nobody listened to it. Then everything changes... I think everybody has his own way...

02 It seems to me that many of the strides in electronic music are being made independently and online. Do you feel that the mainstream music industry has missed the boat when it comes to electronic music? It’s an interesting question. I know that more and more people get acquainted with my music every day... exactly on-line! Now there are a lot of resources for promoting of an independent performer. As for the industry, I can’t say for sure...

03 Can you name 3 artists who influenced you and who also primarily release music online? Unfortunately I can’t remember listening to anything particularly on-line, I try to listen to all the news, whether they are from the internet or brought by my friends. I can name Dead Can Dance as the project that influenced me and my work very strongly!

04 What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? Seems it was the project “Muhmood”

05 Movies or TV? Thrillers, and I practically do not watch TV... sometimes I watch the news programs at the end of the week.