The Mysterious Christine and her 5 For Insight

Ok, I'm beginning to accept the fact that you didn't download netBloc Vol. 18’s 42 page liner-note booklet… though it really doesn't make me happy. More proof that you're missing out by not downloading netBloc PDF booklets follows. Ladies… Gentleman… Christine.

01 - Why free music? We make music, not business. We think that we are more likely to do whatever we want if we don’t have any concern with money.

02 - What inspires Christine to make music? Interactions between us, and a kind of misunderstanding of the world around!

03 - Your last album “Requiem” was released in January. When can your fans expect a new release? Are you currently working on something? We have made the two albums very quickly. It’s time for a rest!!! We are currently thinking of our future directions. We are not interested in repeating the same things. If there is a third, it will have to be different.

04 - What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? Oops, I think it was the last Matador sampler…

05 - Pink, yellow, blue, polka-dot or green? Hey American friends, don’t fuck up! Vote Obama!!! (Editor’s note: We didn’t.)