Welcome Tha Silent Partner to blocSonic and say hi to maxBloc

Cover of Tha Silent Partner's 'P Pulsar'

Tha Silent Partner made his first blocSonic appearance back in 2007 on “netBloc Vol. 11: The Raw And The Cooked” with the spaghetti-western flavored “No Mas”. He then re-appeared, along with Unknown aka Formula as MUTE, on “netBloc Vol. 15: this album won’t eat your gas money” with the powerful and soulful “Is It Too Late For Us All”. So, although he’s no stranger to blocSonic, everyone’s about to get very familiar with Tha Silent Partner and his fun, eclectic sound. This maxBloc single for “P Pulsar” is a tasty introduction to TSP’s upcoming Xtended Edition release “Tha Complete Platters Sessions XE”.

To understand what the Platters Sessions are all about, here’s a bit of background. Back in 2007, TSP began releasing a series of “Platters” releases via Jamendo and under his label, Me, Life & Music. The Platters series were an exploration of vinyl samples based on particular themes. The first installment, “Platters Act. 1 (Lounge Music And Exotica)” featured lush orchestration and smooth rhythms. Then in 2008, the second installment, “Platters Act. 2 (The Untouchables)”, went sort of unreleased (more about that in the official XE liner-notes). It featured an episode of the TV show “The Untouchables” infused into a sonic world of funky hip-hop beats and jazzy melodies. Finally, in 2009, TSP dropped the third and final act of the series… “Platters Act. 3 (Tape Deck)”, a sort of beat tape, but with a completely unique TSP vibe.

For the first time, “Tha Complete Platters Sessions XE” collects all 3 acts together along with a bonus disc of outtakes from the period, making for an incredible 3CD set of sonic treats! Add to that the maxBloc exclusives on this single along with the one that’s set to follow the XE release and you’ve got a whole hell of a lot of new listening coming this month!

P Pulsar” is taken from the bonus outtake collection, “Tha Director’s Cut”. Along with it, this maxBloc also features an exclusive track “Beantown Cha Cha” and exclusive remixes by Just Plain Ant & Formula!

So by now, you’ve gathered that the maxBloc is blocSonic’s spin on the promotional maxi-single. At blocSonic we’re all about helping to bring about an alternative “music industry”. The mainstream music industry simply no longer allows for healthy musical cultural development. For the mainstream, the bottom-line has surpassed ALL other priorities. Yet, even with our attitude that’s so clearly counter to the mainstream, there are ideas that we’ve gladly reappropriated from it. The special edition release being one and now the maxi-single being another. For all that I talk stuff about the mainstream, there was once a time that I was a mainstream listener. Back then, I’d love to get a hold of 12"/maxi singles for their exclusive tracks, remixes, instrumentals and acapellas. Even today, I’m on the hunt for older rare 12" singles. When you dig a particular artist, there’s nothing more enjoyable than getting a hold of bonus gems that aren’t found on the album. As a fan, owning these special bits somehow put you into a special group that sets you apart from the casual listener. Going out of your way for these bonus bits, connects you more closely with the music. As a label curator, I like the idea of bringing that extra care and attention to our releases. Perhaps if blocSonic puts the extra effort that maxi-singles require into each release then perhaps fans will put that much more care into listening.

Thanks to Tha Silent Partner for trusting blocSonic with his Me, Life & Music archives. Welcome to the family, TSP! Xtra special thanks Formula and Just Plain Ant for coming through with such fantastic remixes on such short notice!

So once again thanks to you! Enjoy the music. Share it. Talk about it. Write about it. Be sure to keep an eye out for the release of “Tha Complete Platters Sessions XE” on March 30th and the next TSP single on April 6th, 2010!

Grab it here.

Mike Gregoire
Founder/Curator blocSonic.com