Welcome to “The Catastrophic Connection”

Cover of Luck & Ripps - The Catastrophic Connection

Back in February, Joey Ripps approached me about releasing one of his projects through blocSonic. One of the projects, a collaboration with 13aDLucK produced by Catastrophe, turned out to be quite a strong set. After hearing the drafts Ripps sent, blocSonic was officially down for a release! What you’re about to listen to is a fantastic collection of raw, NYC style, boom-bap hip-hop. It’s packed with smooth soul-drenched beats, classic B-Boy braggadocio and introspective rhymes. Luck & Ripps’ vocal styles are both quite compatible, so their collaboration on this project feels natural and unforced. Catastrophe’s production throughout serves as the perfect bed for their verses to rest. Once again, we feel that we, blocSonic, have dropped another solid contribution to the world of independent hip-hop. Check it out… and remember… share this with everyone you connect with. Thanks goes out to Luck, Ripps and Catastrophe for being part of the blocSonic fam. Thanks also to you for taking the time to download!

Grab it here!

Mike Gregoire
Founder/Curator blocSonic.com