Welcome to the new blocSonic!

After a couple months of development, this new version of blocSonic is ready to be poked and prodded. IE users, may/may not experience issues with the layout, not much testing has been done. IE testing will occur this week and if any issues exist, they should be rectified shortly.

The first thing you'll notice is the redesign and the updated branding. A new logo and streamlined display of the current netBloc and blocSonic xtra are both part of this visual update. The not immediately obvious things you'll notice are the functionality additions. Unregistered users can now comment. I've implemented captcha which will hopefully keep out the spiders.

Next up on the list of additions is a neat new "tool" called the Randomizer. You'll see the link in the navigation to the right. What this does is loads 10 random netlabels from the total number we currently have stashed away in our database. For those times when you want to explore the world of netlabels but are at a loss where to begin. Go to the Randomizer page and check out one of the ten netlabels that are displayed. Registered users can also add netlabels and report errors/dead links of existing netlabels.. but that's not all that users can now do...

A user private messaging system has been implemented! The first step toward transitioning blocSonic into a community website, rather than just a mere blog... a rather important step forward, if you ask me. Along with the messaging system is one slight addition to the user profile. If you are a registered last.fm user, you can input your last.fm username. This allows for the display of your last.fm charts on your blocSonic profile!

One last note. blocSonic xtras now have their own page. You'll see the link in the navigation... and when you view any blocSonic xtras or netBlocs, you'll noticed that streams have been added.

So check it all out and let me know what you think. If there are bugs, don't hesitate to contact me.

Now back to work on netBloc Volume 5...

Mike Gregoire
Owner/Creator blocSonic.com