What are your favorite music magazines?

I just got finished reading Phlow Magazine’s excellent interview with the editor of German magazine Beat, Thomas Raukamp. It got me thinking about what I do to promote blocSonic releases. Thomas is quite correct when he states the following:

…most people who run a netlabel forget that their work should start right there where the average netlabel head thinks it stops, they forget to promote their artists’ work. Putting a release on a website and getting out some notes about it within the scene’s blogs and forums or on Twitter and Facebook should be just the beginning of getting the word out.

I do go out of my way to promote our releases as much as possible, but I do limit the promotion to online outlets/blogs/forums. It simply never occurred to me to submit the releases to print magazines. Here I’m always complaining about how mainstream/print media ignores netaudio and this simple idea never occured to me… could netlabels be forgetting to properly promote their releases offline? This probably is the biggest reason. What would happen if a regular stream of netaudio/netlabel music made it’s way to print magazines worldwide? Probably a jump in offline/print coverage of the scene!

As part of our dedication to bringing netaudio to a wider audience, we’ll begin submitting our releases to international print music magazines. We think other netlabels should too. So we’d like to put together a list of reputable, quality magazines that netlabels should submit their releases to and will make it a publicly accessible part of our site. To get the ball rolling, we’d love it if you leave us a comment or use our contact form to let us know what your favorite music magazines are. Local, regional, national or international… it doesn’t matter the distribution size, all that matters is that it’s print media and that you dig it.

Thomas, thanks for the inspiration!

Mike Gregoire
Founder/Curator blocSonic.com