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La Plus Belle Guerre, 10 more netlabel/net audio gems plus one

As promised, fresh from the Amadeus Pro development file, I announce netBloc Volume 3 (La Plus Belle Guerre). What we're currently witnessing IS the most beautiful war. A war for the ears of music lovers worldwide. A war between the RIAA/Major music industry and it's former and soon-to-be former cus…… Read “La Plus Belle Guerre, 10 more netlabel/net audio gems plus one”

netBloc Volume 3 out Friday

This is just a quick post to let you all know that volume 3 will be released on Friday... just in time for the weekend. Thanks again to everyone for visiting blocSonic and checking out the releases. I hope you've enjoyed them. Peace Mike… Read “netBloc Volume 3 out Friday”

What's the blocSonic process for finding netlabel gems?

Yesterday Martin at DRM Alternatives asked a few good questions regarding blocSonic. A couple of them were answered in a comment, the remaining one I'd like to expound on today. First, I'd like to clarify what I mean when I describe the included compilation tracks as the 'best'. Of course this is p…… Read “What's the blocSonic process for finding netlabel gems?”

Shout outs, thank yous and blocSonic news

Well, it's now been two releases and I have to say that I'm quite pleased with traffic so far. It's been increasing at a comfortable pace. I want to take time out and give a shout out to all blogs/sites who've posted a review/article/post or link. Here's where I throw a link right back at'cha: Blac…… Read “Shout outs, thank yous and blocSonic news”

More netlabel gems next week... least that's what I'm shooting for. 10 Tracks have been selected, 9 tracks have been approved and I have all required assets for those. I've begun writing reviews and the next essay for the booklet. If the approval/assets for the 10th track is received in the next couple days, netBloc volume 2…… Read “More netlabel gems next week...”