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'5 For Insight' with The GrOOming

Track 7 of netBloc Vol. 16 is the wonderfully psychedelic track 'Glass Room'. Learn a bit more about the artist 'The GrOOming' here: P. said: 01 - Why free music? Tough question... too hard for me. 02 - What are your top 5 albums of all time? Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magic’, The Pro…… Read “'5 For Insight' with The GrOOming”

'5 For Insight' with The Harvey Girls

The Harvey Girls were featured on track 6 of netBloc Vol. 16. Be sure to check out 'Good Morning, Bubblegum' while you read. 01 - Why free music? The sense of entitlement that pervades everything on the internet led us to cut it off at the pass. This did allow for those without the economic means t…… Read “'5 For Insight' with The Harvey Girls”

'5 For Insight' with Elias Damian

Here's another '5 For Insight' for you to enjoy. This time around features Elias Damian which you'll find on track 5 of netBloc Vol. 16. Give his track "Like The Very First Kiss" a listen! 01 - Why free music? I think that each and every artist who spends hours and days on his creative work, sooner…… Read “'5 For Insight' with Elias Damian”

5 For Insight with Bufi

Here's another '5 for insight' installment. This one with netBloc Vol. 16 artist Bufi. Be sure to check out his excellent track 'We Begin'. 01 - Why free music? Because it’s a good way to let people get to know your music when you’re just starting out. Also, because music should be free. 02 - W…… Read “5 For Insight with Bufi”

'5 For Insight' with Gepel's Agustin Strizzi

Here's the third installment of netBloc Vol. 16's '5 For Insight' interviews. This one features track three artist Gepel: 01 - Why free music? There are two reasons, the first one, is about love, and it has to do with a personal need to share and tell everyone what i do and know how other persons f…… Read “'5 For Insight' with Gepel's Agustin Strizzi”

'5 For Insight' with niwa

As you may or may not already know, the netBloc PDF liner-notes now have a new feature called "5 For Insight". I ask each participating artist five questions. Here's a set for track 2 that feature's niwa. Be sure to check out his excellent track 'When She Looked At Me (I Saw Her Wondering)' on netBl…… Read “'5 For Insight' with niwa”